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Wilderness Surv

Articles based on surviving in wilderness environments, from short term to long term survival.

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Survival Bus

Articles about a 1977 Volkswagen Bus, Sportsmobile Camper, being restored and modified for a bug out vehicle.

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Urban Survival

Articles based on surviving in urban environments, from everyday life to hostile situations & bugging out.


Welcome to Survival Bus, here I am restoring a 1977 Volkswagen Sportsmobile Bus, to be used as a Bug Out Vehicle, daily driver and off grid home if needed. I also will write about different prepping and survival topics my family and I learn and do. The first Survival Bus was a 1979 VW Westfalia, I no longer have it, and am starting over.

We have over 31Gbs of FREE manuals for download and tons of resources of suppliers and services.

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Food & Cooking

Articles based on food preps, cooking and canning techniques. Food Storage and Preservation.

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Crops & Grows

Articles based on food crops & gardens. Planning, implementing, planting & harvesting. Tips & Tricks.

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Home Prepping

Articles based on home preparedness, emergency preparedness, Bug-Out-Bags, stock piling and hoarding.


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Articles based on self-reliance, self reliant living, alternative energy from everyday life to off grid living.

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Articles based on surviving in urban environments, from everyday life to hostile situations & bugging out.

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Articles based on homesteading, squating, farming, anything about homesteading

New Tires and 100watt Solar Panel

Sorry I haven't updated in a while there's been a lot of changes I recently got new tires I got the BF Goodrich ta KO tires 195 75 R14 and oh my God are they great.

Also got installed a 100 watt solar panel with solar charger and deep cycle battery a 100 amp hour battery. I didn't have to chop up my luggage rack and modify it to turn it into a mountain where the panel but it worked out really well

Off Road LED Lights Setup

Well I broke down and bought some LED Off Road lights, I got 4, 18watt  lights on Amazon  for $10 each, cheap but im happy.

I drilled 8 holes, used sealent when bolting the brackets on, i still need to seal the cables.

I soldered the wires in parallel and taptes them up, then tucked them back into the roof area

I used a relay and fuse and tied the switch in with the dash lights, tied it all up out of the way.

For so small the shine the light, and pull 5.6 amp all together.