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Wilderness Surv

Articles based on surviving in wilderness environments, from short term to long term survival.

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Survival Bus

Articles about a 1977 Volkswagen Bus, Sportsmobile Camper, being restored and modified for a bug out vehicle.

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Urban Survival

Articles based on surviving in urban environments, from everyday life to hostile situations & bugging out.


Welcome to Survival Bus, here I am restoring a 1977 Volkswagen Sportsmobile Bus, to be used as a Bug Out Vehicle, daily driver and off grid home if needed. I also will write about different prepping and survival topics my family and I learn and do. The first Survival Bus was a 1979 VW Westfalia, I no longer have it, and am starting over.

We have over 31Gbs of FREE manuals for download and tons of resources of suppliers and services.

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Food & Cooking

Articles based on food preps, cooking and canning techniques. Food Storage and Preservation.

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Crops & Grows

Articles based on food crops & gardens. Planning, implementing, planting & harvesting. Tips & Tricks.

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Home Prepping

Articles based on home preparedness, emergency preparedness, Bug-Out-Bags, stock piling and hoarding.


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Articles based on self-reliance, self reliant living, alternative energy from everyday life to off grid living.

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Articles based on surviving in urban environments, from everyday life to hostile situations & bugging out.

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Articles based on homesteading, squating, farming, anything about homesteading

Start of the Paint Job

Started the painting on the bus, I was stuck deciding colors, and I found I like a Khaki top and Deep Forest Green by Rustoleum, yes I use Rustoleum, It has always worked good, but this is the first time i have used the camo paint so I hope it last as long.

I wanted to have neutral colors and not be a camo design

Velo Wagon Sighting, Cool Bus, I love service buses

So I drove out to Browns Auto Shop in Kansas City today, and as I was leaving this bus showed up, the damn thing had beer taps on the side of it, needless to say I had to check it out. Pretty cool little service bus, servicing two pretty good niche services if you're in the Kansas City area check them out, they do mobile bike repair and are a craft beer event vehicle, awesome I love it, Velo Wagon at

From there Facebook page...

Its Alive......

So I hooked up the fuel lines install the battery resealed the muffler bled the brakes after fixing a small leak in a hose put fresh gas in turn the key and fired right up. Drove it around a few blocks, she kept running she shifted she stopped everything seem to be working pretty good, totally shocked.

So I got it back into the garage ready for winter I need to get the front windshield and the rear windshield feels and a new windshield. I painted and reinstall the ceiling panel in the front cab. Remove the luggage rack and rails off the roof and sanded and primed the roof. So I think now its just a bunch of little things and of course the tires.