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Wilderness Surv

Articles based on surviving in wilderness environments, from short term to long term survival.

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Survival Bus

Articles about a 1977 Volkswagen Bus, Sportsmobile Camper, being restored and modified for a bug out vehicle.

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Urban Survival

Articles based on surviving in urban environments, from everyday life to hostile situations & bugging out.


Welcome to Survival Bus, here I am restoring a 1977 Volkswagen Sportsmobile Bus, to be used as a Bug Out Vehicle, daily driver and off grid home if needed. I also will write about different prepping and survival topics my family and I learn and do. The first Survival Bus was a 1979 VW Westfalia, I no longer have it, and am starting over.

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Food & Cooking

Articles based on food preps, cooking and canning techniques. Food Storage and Preservation.

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Crops & Grows

Articles based on food crops & gardens. Planning, implementing, planting & harvesting. Tips & Tricks.

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Home Prepping

Articles based on home preparedness, emergency preparedness, Bug-Out-Bags, stock piling and hoarding.


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Articles based on self-reliance, self reliant living, alternative energy from everyday life to off grid living.

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Articles based on surviving in urban environments, from everyday life to hostile situations & bugging out.

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Articles based on homesteading, squating, farming, anything about homesteading

more Floor Priming

Didn't have a lot of time today but got some more primer and did some more the main floor area getting closer to the front also removed the bumper and primed the body. I hope to have the floor ready in a couple weeks so I can start installing the interior.

Priming the Bus

Over the last couple of days I've got a lot of body work done and rust removal the bus is primed and ready remove the windshield fixing it up for the seals quite a bit of spot rusting breaking through, its coming along pretty good. I removed the rear bumper today first two bolts came out fine made it over to the left side and both head popped off that will be fun. I did a crappy bondo job but with the paint texture that's going on it I'm not worried about it I don't need it pretty I need it usable.