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Wilderness Surv

Articles based on surviving in wilderness environments, from short term to long term survival.

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Survival Bus

Articles about a 1977 Volkswagen Bus, Sportsmobile Camper, being restored and modified for a bug out vehicle.

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Urban Survival

Articles based on surviving in urban environments, from everyday life to hostile situations & bugging out.


Welcome to Survival Bus, here I am restoring a 1977 Volkswagen Sportsmobile Bus, to be used as a Bug Out Vehicle, daily driver and off grid home if needed. I also will write about different prepping and survival topics my family and I learn and do. The first Survival Bus was a 1979 VW Westfalia, I no longer have it, and am starting over.

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Food & Cooking

Articles based on food preps, cooking and canning techniques. Food Storage and Preservation.

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Crops & Grows

Articles based on food crops & gardens. Planning, implementing, planting & harvesting. Tips & Tricks.

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Home Prepping

Articles based on home preparedness, emergency preparedness, Bug-Out-Bags, stock piling and hoarding.


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Articles based on self-reliance, self reliant living, alternative energy from everyday life to off grid living.

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Articles based on surviving in urban environments, from everyday life to hostile situations & bugging out.

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Articles based on homesteading, squating, farming, anything about homesteading

Setup Aux Battery Wiring

so I found that the Fridge did not work so after days of research, I found that my Aux Battery wiring is gone so I recreated it and installed a old battery to get it going, worked like a charm, Cost $10, Worked better than waiting for a $30 kit that a 10 yr old could make LOL I hope to add a couple more batteries before I ad a solar panel on top



Mota got a Paint Job

I spent the last few days prepping and painting the bus, Im using Rustoleum satin Dark Taupe, and satin black, It coming out better than I thought. I doing it in sections, this has made it easy on me, and I can pay attention to detail.  I wanted to make the bus a natural color something that would blend in with most environments, I am not worried about winning any awards for style, I have event filled the rust holes that have rusted through with latex, works good.  


Introduction of Mota

I found this bus near Leavenworth KS, in July or 2010, this was to be my 3rd VW Bus this year, I was searching for a late bay Volkswagen Westfalia Deluxe. I found my current bus and had to buy it fast do to the barn find effect and the more then reasonable price being asked. It is a 1979 Volkswagen Westfalia Deluxe Camper Bus. It had a new motor installed in 2005 with the Fuel Injection swapped to Carbs, with currently 22,000 miles on the motor from what I believe.
My 4 year old daughter has named her Mota and will be referred to as such. The many features with Mota are, stove, sink, fridge, propane tank, gas heater, 2 beds and a cot. I have done a lot of work to get her to the point she is at but have many more plans that I hope to log on Survival Bus as work is being done.
The list of some things I am thinking of doing to make Mota a BOB (Bug Out Bus) is to make it so my family can drive anywhere and be self reliant with minimal need to rely on the grid are:
  1. Solar and Wind Power
  2. water filtering
  3. alternative fuels
  4. EMP and radar hidding
  5. communications
  6. defenses
  7. etc
Mota is my daily driver and needs to stay that way, all the work I will do will be discreet and not Mad Max. Here are some pics to get started. These are from the first day bringing her home. That's my daughter in the pics Caroline, you will see her alot as she is my side kick.