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Wilderness Surv

Articles based on surviving in wilderness environments, from short term to long term survival.

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Survival Bus

Articles about a 1977 Volkswagen Bus, Sportsmobile Camper, being restored and modified for a bug out vehicle.

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Urban Survival

Articles based on surviving in urban environments, from everyday life to hostile situations & bugging out.


Welcome to Survival Bus, here I am restoring a 1977 Volkswagen Sportsmobile Bus, to be used as a Bug Out Vehicle, daily driver and off grid home if needed. I also will write about different prepping and survival topics my family and I learn and do. The first Survival Bus was a 1979 VW Westfalia, I no longer have it, and am starting over.

We have over 31Gbs of FREE manuals for download and tons of resources of suppliers and services.

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Food & Cooking

Articles based on food preps, cooking and canning techniques. Food Storage and Preservation.

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Crops & Grows

Articles based on food crops & gardens. Planning, implementing, planting & harvesting. Tips & Tricks.

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Home Prepping

Articles based on home preparedness, emergency preparedness, Bug-Out-Bags, stock piling and hoarding.


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Articles based on self-reliance, self reliant living, alternative energy from everyday life to off grid living.

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Articles based on surviving in urban environments, from everyday life to hostile situations & bugging out.

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Articles based on homesteading, squating, farming, anything about homesteading

Installed Windshield

So I got the windshield in the gasket was ready. Put the gasket on the windshield and installed the windshield to the bus. They all went pretty easy. The only thing I can really recommend I used the string trick, and soapy water in a spray bottle is a life saver tried at first and it was hard, then sprayed it and everthing went smoothe, 20min job at the most. And i was alone.

Out for a Drive

Took the kids out to the park and ait lunch, should have a windshield monday, got the gasket for it yesterday. Found some tires down south still seeing if i can manage it.

Paint Job Complete

So after a long day of painting, the bus is done with the paint and on to more pressung things like electronics and engine mods.