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Install Canvas on VW Sportsmobile Bus

Written by Survival Nate on . Posted in The Survival Bus

So we got some nice weather the other day so I decided to spend the day and replace the canvas on the top of the bus. Lucky when I bought the bus the previous owner had bought a new canvas and not installed it so I didn't have to buy a new one.

I started by loosening the bolts on top of the fiber glass top. And cut the old canvas off so I would have working room. Then I tied the support bars down and locked them in place so I could lift the top off freely.

I removed the four trips around the bottom of the canvas that were screwed to the roof of the bus and saved all my screws they weren't too badly rotted so I'm reusing the wood strips. After removing the top plate it in the grass upside down and removed the rest of the canvas and the top ceiling. The wood paneling was rotted from a leak that the bus had for a while so I cleaned it to the fiberglass. Now I had to figure out how I was going to replace the wood and mount the canvas. I figured I'd use a sheet of plywood or panel board, but I didn't have a truck at the time so I worked with what I could find I made a trip to Home Depot. I found clearance sale of snap together wood flooring and thought what the hell.

I cut them all to size place them in and made sure there was enough to fit. I remove them and took the first one in centered it and screwed it in then I could just place my canvas under the edges measuring about an inch and a half of canvas under the panel. After each panel and measuring the canvas I would screw in each panel with the canvas to hold it in place and did that one by one till it was done.

With the canvas all in place and boards secured I rolled the edges and safety pin them together to keep them from coming undone. I got a few hands to help and put the top back on top. The tricky part was I released the support bars and lifted the top about halfway and anchored it. They gave me enough room to get under the top and still make adjustments for bolting it in. I bought all new nuts and bolts and washers we used the rear support panel. And remade the front support bar block after a little bit of adjustments I got all the bolts in with a little help from my wife who was convinced she was going to die lol.

The hard part was putting the strips back on the bottom that attach to the bus roof I screwed in each end and middle to the bus and when it looked right I place the rest of the screws in. It didn't come out perfect but it works and should keep the mosquitoes out I left it open for a couple days to let the canvas adjust and it looks a little better I still need to add the elastic cord around the top to help when closing. I'm happy that no longer has holes and I'm not winning any beauty contests anytime soon Westphalia tents are a lot easier

New tires coming in soon can't wait to get this sucker on the Road

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